The manikin actor was the muse of international creative person Vesa Kivinen for a singular project

No kidding. this can be no chintzy act of Veena leader. The manikin actor has really gone ahead Associate in Nursingd let an creative person paint her nude body and build a rather creative palette!
Veena was the muse of Finnish visual creative person Vesa Kivinen. He created 5 works of art wherever colors were painted directly on Veena’s nude body and her footage were later close with paintings and alternative graphics.

We just like the image wherever Veena’s attractive back has been 1st painted in an exceedingly Hindu god-like blue body color so splashed with a lean palette of colors. the opposite pictures tho' square measure left to your interpretation, merging story, the shape type and gestures into a painting. the sole alternative easy works of art square measure the black canvas with a cloud of smoke and another one from the blue series, with Veena’s hands activity her face.

According to Kivinen, the project “explores themes from ancient and spiritual traditions to our up to date international melting pot with its ever evolving and rising cross cultural associations.”

Veena is in London for the art exhibit wherever a number of the paintings that includes her are going to be showcased. She said, “I am here only for the love of art.” we tend to positive hope that’s true, Veena, and not another promotional material stunt!

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